1.     How do I enter a race?

All Western League cyclocross races are entered on the day at the race HQ. Rider numbers are not currently limited. Race entry is usually; £15 for Juniors/Seniors/Vets/U23, £7 for U14/16, and £2 for U12 (there are some minor variations based on the race organiser). In the winter season there is also a British Cycling surcharge of £3 for riders without a license. Please write legibly otherwise your name may not appear in the results.


2.     How does a race work?

Races are a mass start and last for approximately 45-60 minutes. For U14/16 and the races are a little shorter and for U12 they last around 10-15 minutes. The starts are gridded for league registered riders based on their performance in previous rounds. Non-league registered riders can apply to the race organiser for a gridding position based on recent race results outside the area. This is at the organisers discretion.


3.     Which category am I in?


Please see the BC Cyclocross Rules paragraph 5.9


4.     What level of ability do I need to be?

We have riders across a wide range of abilities racing from beginners to national champions. Newcomers are always very welcome.


5.     What kind of bike should I ride?

Ideally a cyclocross bike but mountain bikes are also OK. Over the years we have also seen fat bikes and a foldable shopping bike at events.


6.     How long before a race should I arrive?

Allow to be at the venue no less than 45 minutes before the start to allow time to enter, warm up and practice ride the course.


7.     How do I register for league points?

Registration is on the registration page.  League registration is opened approximately a month before the first race of the season. It is then closed on the day of the first race. This allows us to effectively administer the chip timing and league results.

8.     How many rounds count for the league?

The number of point scoring counting events for an individuals or teams score in the Western League will be 50% of all the counting Western League events plus 2 more rides (rounded up to the next whole number).

9.     How are the races timed?

Races are chip timed using an RFID tag worn ideally on your left ankle. The RFID chip is detected whenever you pass over the timing mat at the start finish. Avoid loitering near the mat after you finish the race as spurious readings can corrupt the results. The chip timing is done by Black Sheep Sports Ltd.


10.     My result is wrong or missing, what do I do?

Firstly e-mail blacksheepsportsltd@gmail.com within 48hrs of the race results being published. If you provide enough information Julian should be able to resolve the problem. If you see an error in your league position then e-mail westernleaguecx@gmail.com.


11.  Where can I find out more information about the Western League races?

All of our races are promoted on the British Cycling cyclocross events pages


12.  How can I help out?

Race organisers are always short of volunteer marshals, you can volunteer by contacting the race organiser directly. If you do volunteer you will be awarded average league points.

After racing you can also help race organisers by removing poles and tape from the course and returning them to the event HQ after the last race of the day.

The league itself also needs volunteers to help in various official roles and British Cycling needs Commissaries to help officiate at races.

If you are interested please contact strikingbikes@hotmail.com.